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1. Christian Camp in Oleshky (Southern Ukraine)
Getting together around the Word of God, children spent three wonderful and blessed days at the Christian camp in Oleshky (Kherson Oblast, Southern Ukraine). At the initiative of local Evangelical Christian church and mission, over 40 kids attended the camp, majority of whom were orphan children from ...
Створено 11 травня 2017
2. Giving a helping hand to India’s neediest children
As the new school year began, the Bible Society of India offered very practical help to orphaned and needy children. Staff from its Allahabad Auxiliary distributed notebooks, school bags and shoes at the Khristiya Bal Vikas Centre, Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. ‘We have more than 850,00 orphanages across ...
Створено 30 серпня 2016
3. Meeting in the regional center of social and psychological rehabilitation for children
In July 2016, Seventh-Day Adventist Church held a unique meeting at a social and psychological rehabilitation center for children and youth with functional disabilities in  Mukachevo, Western Ukraine. During the "How to Find a Friend" weekly program, more than 50 children have learned many ...
Створено 20 серпня 2016
4. Cameroon’s Musgum people joyfully welcome the first Bible in their language
... regions, was gathered outside the Lutheran Church Fellowship, where the dedication of the new Bible was due to take place. Men, women and children sang, danced and waved branches in the air, reminiscient of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. The 20,000 Musgum Christians, most of whom live in this Muslim ...
Створено 03 серпня 2016
5. “It is impossible to be there and not cry”: United Bible Societies in Ecuador visits earthquake zone
... Altamirano, the UBS Global Mission Team’s Ministry Resource Facilitator for Ecuador. “Together with their partners in the CCE, they are focusing on providing six specific things: Bible-based trauma healing Biblical material Community kitchens Water Security for children in the camps ...
Створено 27 квітня 2016
6. ‘God sent you’: hope and help for Liberia’s Ebola survivors
Wilimena Gbayou’s life changed completely last year when Ebola arrived in her country, Liberia. One by one, as people in her community started dying, she began taking children orphaned by the virus into her house. There are now more than 100 orphans living in Wilimena’s house, which has now become ...
Створено 20 січня 2015
7. Bringing hope to children ‘surrounded by violence’ in Dominican Republic
Violence is ‘normal’ in this crime-ridden Dominican Republic suburb but a Bible program is bringing hope to its children. Nine-year-old Juan was standing outside a church in his neighbourhood, talking to Carmen Checo of the Dominican Republic Bible Society, when a violent fight broke out nearby between ...
Створено 27 грудня 2014
8. Helping Swaziland’s traumatised children recover from the ‘AIDS war’
Marking World Day, December 1, 2014 New HIV infections may be declining in Swaziland, the country hardest hit by the virus, but tens of thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children are in desperate need of help. A Bible-based program in the north of this tiny country is providing support to hundreds ...
Створено 01 грудня 2014
9. A discovery that changes everything
... that throughout 2013, only 300 Proclaimers were distributed. In some regions, people had been waiting several months for audio Scriptures! Jonas and Honorine Mvessa, a Muslim couple who are very poor, didn’t know what to do when one of their children fell seriously ill. A Christian couple in their ...
Створено 28 листопада 2014
10. ‘Great spiritual awakening’ among Slovakia’s Romani people
... for adults and children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. So far we’ve distributed more than 1,000 Slovak Bibles and more than 1,000 Children’s Scriptures to churches working among Romani people. “We’ve also uploaded the Romani New Testament, translated by Word for the World, on our website and ...
Створено 05 листопада 2014
11. Armenian ‘Make Your Own Children’s Bible’ launched in Kuwait
Armenian Christians living in Kuwait were delighted last month when the ‘Make Your Own Children’s Bible’ was launched in their language by the Bible Society in the Gulf. The book, aimed at children aged between 5 and 10, uses simple language and partial line drawings to retell more than 150 Bible ...
Створено 05 листопада 2014
12. Menu Options
(Demo Articles)
... on your Joomla site in a list. Select the position you wish to display in the dropdown.   Splitmenu A static menu system that displays 1st and 2nd level items in the main horizontal menu and further children in the Sidebar. Subtext is the option that allows you to insert ...
Створено 04 серпня 2011