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1. Giving a helping hand to India’s neediest children
As the new school year began, the Bible Society of India offered very practical help to orphaned and needy children. Staff from its Allahabad Auxiliary distributed notebooks, school bags and shoes at the Khristiya Bal Vikas Centre, Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. ‘We have more than 850,00 orphanages across ...
Створено 30 серпня 2016
2. Bible ministry in Syria continues amidst war
... members, or with others who have opened their homes to them. Demand increased tenfold Amidst this immense trauma and upheaval, the team has received far more requests for Scriptures than ever before. In 2010, the year before the conflict began, the Bible Society distributed just under 15,000 Scriptures. ...
Створено 03 березня 2016
3. Ethnic conflict halts Zande translation project in South Sudan: please pray for peace
... Juba, and a few other provinces, they are distributing Bibles in churches and refugee camps. The demand is so high that this year they have distributed twice as many Bibles as last year. The Society’s Scripture-based trauma healing projects are also in great demand and continue to take place in schools, ...
Створено 27 серпня 2015
4. Massive Scripture distribution under way in Egypt following ISIS killings
The distribution of 1.65 million Scripture leaflets designed to bring comfort to a nation in mourning is well under way across Egypt, following the murder of 21 young Egyptian Christians by ISIS in Libya three weeks ago. “This is by far the most widely distributed Christian leaflet in Egypt’s history,” ...
Створено 06 травня 2015
5. A discovery that changes everything
... the Bible Society’s efforts to resolve this problem. I am so thankful to them for continuing to put such effort into audio Scripture ministry, which is so close to our hearts.” Since May, the Bible Society has distributed 849 audio players with Scriptures in 23 languages. Contrast this with the fact ...
Створено 28 листопада 2014
6. ‘Great spiritual awakening’ among Slovakia’s Romani people
... for adults and children who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them. So far we’ve distributed more than 1,000 Slovak Bibles and more than 1,000 Children’s Scriptures to churches working among Romani people. “We’ve also uploaded the Romani New Testament, translated by Word for the World, on our website and ...
Створено 05 листопада 2014
7. The world’s most violent country is ‘changing weapons’
... our country with the Word of God. So, in the midst of all this violence and corruption, the door is swinging wide open for the Bible to be distributed.” That is why the Bible Society recently launched the first stage of a three-year project to provide thousands of Scriptures for government institutions, ...
Створено 05 листопада 2014
8. Armenian ‘Make Your Own Children’s Bible’ launched in Kuwait
... stories. It encourages children to use their creative skills to complete the pictures. Originally published in German in 2007 by the German Bible Society, the book has since been translated into several other languages and distributed in many countries. Scattered all over the world Armenians are ...
Створено 05 листопада 2014