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1. Christian Camp in Oleshky (Southern Ukraine)
... Novokyivska Boarding School. Busy schedule, interesting competitions, sports competitions and evenings with the Bible around the fire – all of this contributed to warm atmosphere and sincere conversations. Thanks to the efforts of many friends of the Bible, we had a great opportunity to give the ...
Створено 11 травня 2017
2. Giving a helping hand to India’s neediest children
As the new school year began, the Bible Society of India offered very practical help to orphaned and needy children. Staff from its Allahabad Auxiliary distributed notebooks, school bags and shoes at the Khristiya Bal Vikas Centre, Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. ‘We have more than 850,00 orphanages across ...
Створено 30 серпня 2016
3. Ethnic conflict halts Zande translation project in South Sudan: please pray for peace
... Juba, and a few other provinces, they are distributing Bibles in churches and refugee camps. The demand is so high that this year they have distributed twice as many Bibles as last year. The Society’s Scripture-based trauma healing projects are also in great demand and continue to take place in schools, ...
Створено 27 серпня 2015
4. Bringing hope to children ‘surrounded by violence’ in Dominican Republic
... many children here, he is surrounded by violence and crime on an almost daily basis. That is why the Bible Society is working with churches and schools in difficult areas like Capotillo – to offer children a different experience through the ‘Grow and learn’ Bible program. Pursuing light and love “Through ...
Створено 27 грудня 2014
5. Reading was ‘a dream I never dared to believe could come true’
...  Albertine and her family now live in a village but she grew up as a nomad, moving from one settlement to another every few days. Like many pygmies, she never had the chance to attend school and has found herself having to work for the wealthier Bantu ethnic groups. Without a doubt, pygmies are marginalised ...
Створено 11 грудня 2014
6. The world’s most violent country is ‘changing weapons’
Two years ago, Angel López (pictured below), the 35-year-old Project Coordinator of the Bible Society of Honduras, had just dropped his young daughter off at school and was on his way to work when he was shot several times. The last shot, to the head, killed him. It was an appalling loss for his family, ...
Створено 05 листопада 2014
7. Armenian ‘Make Your Own Children’s Bible’ launched in Kuwait
... This, he said, will enable the Society to distribute copies of the new book free of charge to 5-10-year-old Armenian children in schools and Sunday Schools in Kuwait, Cyprus, Greece, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Challenging times “Our purpose is to reach young people in an ever-changing ...
Створено 05 листопада 2014