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Marking World Braille Day, January 4Marking World Braille Day, January 4The vast majority of the world’s 285 million people with visual impairments live in the developing world. With few opportunities for education or work, many of them are poor and lonely. Bible Societies in many countries are reaching out to them, giving them the opportunity to learn Braille and providing them with the Bible.

But making Braille Bibles available is not an easy task.Here are three facts (and an infographic at the end) that help explain why:

“For more than 20 years since the completion of the New Testament we have been praying and waiting for the translation of the Old Testament in our language – thank God that the Bible is in my hands.” These were the words of Pastor Flomo Garpai, now 70 years old. Pastor Garpai is a United Methodist pastor who only knows Kpelle. He has been preaching to his congregation only from the New Testament and portions of Jonan, Joseph, and Ruth translated from the Old Testament into Kpelle. Seeing the whole Bible in Kpelle brought tremendous joy and excitement to him and his colleagues.

Students explore the city blindfolded, led by a blind guide.Students explore the city blindfolded, led by a blind guide.What is it like to walk through a busy city in total darkness? How do you eat a meal when you can’t see what’s on your plate? Most people don’t think about the difficulties blind and visually impaired people face every day but the Bible Society of Costa Rica is working to change this.

“There are 260,000 blind and visually impaired people here but most Costa Ricans are oblivious to the lives they lead or the obstacles they face,” notes Bible Society General Secretary Mayra Ugalde. “The Bible tells us to care for the vulnerable and that’s why we are working to serve blind people and their families and make the public aware of their situation.”

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