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Kapsiki church leaders presenting the new Bible to the crowds.Kapsiki church leaders presenting the new Bible to the crowds.By Jacqueline Zoutene, Bible Society of Cameroon

Usually, large gatherings are banned in Cameroon’s Far North region, due to high security risks – Boko Haram has carried out a number of deadly attacks there. But on June 4, the iconic mountains near Mogodé – a town very close to the Nigerian border – witnessed an unprecedented crowd of 5,000 Kapsiki people celebrating the launch of the first Bible in their language. 250 soldiers

Special authorisation was granted to hold the gathering, and 250 soldiers were provided for protection by the general in charge of the region’s armed forces.

Rev Gurli Vibe Jensen (Photo: Rune Hansen)Rev Gurli Vibe Jensen (Photo: Rune Hansen)The Danish Bible Society and United Bible Societies have been paying tribute to Rev Gurli Vibe Jensen, a former UBS President, who died in Copenhagen on July 8, aged 91.

“Gurli was active in the Danish Bible Society for many years, and served as President of the UBS General Committee from 1981-1984 (equivalent to today’s Global Council),” notes Terje Hartberg from United Bible Societies. “She was an unusually good communicator, especially to the young, and a highly respected counsellor and teacher. It is said that after the Anglican Archbishop Donald Coggan, who then was UBS President, met Gurli, he become convinced that ordination of women was the right thing to do.”

A man looks on in disbelief at the scene of destruction in his town. (Photo by Victor Sosa.)A man looks on in disbelief at the scene of destruction in his town. (Photo by Victor Sosa.)“One week after the earthquake that shook our country, people are trying to get back to normal, but they are still nervous and anxious because of the continuing aftershocks,” writes David Vega, Project Manager at United Bible Societies in Ecuador (UBS in Ecuador).

David was one of several Bible Society staff who, together with church partners, travelled to the worst affected regions over the weekend to bring practical help and assess the scale of the need for practical, spiritual and psychological support.

“We saw destroyed homes, entire families living under temporary shelters and hundreds of people sleeping in the streets,” he recalls. “It was impossible to be there and not cry.”

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